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‏2014-05-27T13:03:18Z | rdi
Calling all plugin developers and training partners of Rational Developer for i.
IBM recognizes that we can't do everything and be everywhere and that to be successful we need to work together as a community.  So I have gotten permission to open up the wiki at the RDi Hub for any member of that community to update. So remember, membership has its privileges :-)
In order to get things started I have create a couple of pages of interest.
One is for anyone who provides training to register their services.
I hope this gives another avenue to get the word out. Many people fail to be successful in implementing our products due to insufficient training and I believe we have a win/win solution by letting them all know about your services.
Another one is for anyone extends RDi via a plugin or product.
I know we  have some brilliant people out there who are adding tremendous value to the product.  Here is another place to let people know about the great work you have done so we all can benefit from it.
If you are aware of event whether online or user conferences that we all can benefit from please add them to 
Let's collaborate and make the IBM i development world a better place!
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    Re: Let's collaborate and share our expertise! Wiki is open for contributions.


    Great new content added to the wiki or order fulfillment process.

    See this blog post