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Hi ,


I have a requirement to update a flag column in another table 'Indicating archival' in a db when a row of the current table is once archived.

Can Archive actions be used for this case and how to access the other table while once a row in the current table is archived.

How to go about tackling this?




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    Re: Archive Actions- Update a row


    Archive actions are exactly the device to employ. 

    When creating your Access Definition, right click in the Table Specifications field and select Table Specification->Actions from the pull-down menu. The Actions tab should be visible.  The Run Action For: field gives you the choice of Data Growth, Test Data Management, or All Solutions (archive, extract, or both).  The Action Phase pull-down allows you to determine the operation phase in which the action runs. You can specify separate SQL statements for each phase.  For a simple demonstration, I constructed a table:

    create table archive_test (key char(40), flag int);

    And used this SQL for the "Before Extract of Row" action on the OPTIM_CUSTOMERS table:

    insert into archive_values (:CUST_ID, 1);


    There are refinements involving error handling, exceptions, etc. that can be made to make this production-worthy, and these are covered in the Optim documentation (which goes into more detail than I do here).