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Pinned topic Using USS DBX with PL/I programs

‏2014-06-11T19:24:54Z | dbx debug pli uss


When I compile a C program with DEBUG specified, it produces a ".dbg" file containing the DWARF format debugging information needed by the USS dbx debugger.

When I compile a PL/I program with option TEST(ALL,HOOK,SEPARATE), it produces a ".sid" file. Which does not look like the same format at all.

Is there a way to get the PL/I compiler to generate a ".dbg" file usable by the USS dbx debugger?


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    Re: Using USS DBX with PL/I programs


    No, the PL/I compiler won't generate such a file. You could use IBM Debug Tool or the recently announced remote debugger in RDz to debug a USS program compiled by PL/I