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Pinned topic $language in Facet

‏2013-09-11T13:46:48Z |

Hi! I use ICA 3.0.

It is possible somehow to configure facet with language field ($language) detected by built-in UIMA annotator?


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    Re: $language in Facet


    YES. You need a collection with "Enable rule based categorization; then need to create rules for categorization using the $language field:

    Parser & Indexer -> Global Processes -> Rules based categories

    Create a main facet , i.e.: "Document language" with no rule, then as many facets as you need with different name , i.e: English, Italian, etc, and for each of them when you edit the rule specific , add "$language::en", "$language::it" etc. in the query field.

    These facets will appear , in the search application, in the Category Tree section, not in the Facet tree.

    Hope this help