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We have multiple library servers each having a single resource manager.  For example, our order system and our billing system both have their own unique CM instance with a LS and RM.   We want to consolidate these so that we have one LS and then each system will have their own RM.  


What utilities and or process should be recommended for migrating the content from one RM to the new one?




  • Yong Liang Li(Mike)
    Yong Liang Li(Mike)
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    Re: library server consolidation


    Are you trying to combine the two LS into one and the two RM into one which is attached to the combined LS?

  • christopha
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    Re: library server consolidation


    We face similar requirements at several customers for email archiving scenarios. Customers have multiple instances of CM8 (with LS and RM) together with ICC for Mail located in different regions of the world. Those customers wish to consolidate the archives into one at the HQ location. How can one integrate the content of one LS with its corresponding RM into another LS?

    • Is this possible in case of ammount of work and security?
    • Is this a supported environment?
    • Which steps are necessary to do it?


    GIS AG, Hannover, Germany


  • EricSMRI
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    Re: library server consolidation


    Hi!  I am assuming you're referring to IBM Content Manager Enterprise Edition 8.4.x or 8.5. 

    From a CM perspective, every item imported into an individual library server receives unique identifiers. Each resource manager assigned to the associated library server is linked using those same unique identifiers.  There is no allowance anywhere in the architecture to "link" data from one LS to another.

    While technically possible (with certain caveats related to system provided date values, versions, and other considerations), this type of work would involve creating a custom application that would export all data from one library server/resource manager system, and then import the exported data into the "new" library server.  This type of effort isn't supported by IBM level 2/3 support; however, IBM Lab Services, or an IBM Business Partner may be able to assist you.  Please check with IBM Lab Services to discuss the issue further:

    Hope this helps!