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Pinned topic Display negativ value on top of a stacked chart

‏2013-06-25T12:45:10Z | chaft stacked

Hello group !

I wonder if this chart can be created in C8.4.1 or above.

The chart basically display values for a year as a bar, and its difference in percent to the previous year on top of that bar. The problem arises when it comes to negative percentages.

Is it possible to make sure that the percentage is always displayed on top of the bar, regardless if it is positive or negative. I played around with conditional formatting, the absolute function  but with no luck. Maybe someone out there can provide a solution.

Attached is a sample C8.4.1.

Thank you for your help


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    Re: Display negativ value on top of a stacked chart


    I have had a quick look at this and using even when using the old charting engine you have very limited functionality to allow the control of the label or the lables text values.  I tried a marker approach, so using the markers to display the values but since the marker calcs fall out of context of the chart, it very quickly became an tedious exercise with no real positive outcome in sight.