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‏2013-04-06T03:43:34Z |
In RSA 8, I am using ant script to generate java binding beans. Could anyone please reply to my below questions. Appreciate any help on this. Thanks !
1. In ant script file, under tag - <adapter:queryProperties>, cobol importer properties are there under each <target> tag.
Is there a way to set the properties that are common to all copybooks ( like cobol importer options, project name, package name, debug mode etc.,) only once in ant file ( ex: like a global setting in the file ) ? Adding these in every <target> tag for each copybook, makes the ant file bigger.

2. If I remove the cobol importer settings from ant file, will it take the settings from my RAD workspace set in Windows -> Preferences -> COBOL -> Importer ?
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    Re: RSA 8

    When you generate the ant script, if you do not choose save all settings, then those properties will
    not be saved into the ant script.
    When the ant script is executed, it will use whatever default settings are RAD.
    The settings can be set in two places - The windows->Preferences->Import
    Then when you go through the J2C wizards to generate, you can set it to override the settings in the preference page.

    Currently to answer your first question, there is not global settings in the ant script.