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Pinned topic ITM webstart client startup freeze using non-root on Linux

‏2013-04-05T19:11:27Z |

We've got a issue with the webstart version of ITM Tivoli Enterprise Portal on RHEL 6.3. It will simply freeze when running as non-root, but it's OK as root. Also, we found out that enabling the java console to show is a workaround for the problem. Does anybody knows what could be going on ?.

We're using SSL and http for the communcation between the TEP and the TEPS. TEPS is running on AIX 7.1.

ITM version is 6.2.3 FP2.

Client-side java is IBM Java 6.0 SR13 32bits. Sun Java 6.0 also has the problem.

Running on Windows 7 VM on top of the same linux doesn't have the issue.