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Pinned topic What is APD Lite - What does it give me ?

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What is APD Lite - What does it give me ?
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    Re: What is APD Lite - What does it give me ?

    APD Lite is an Eclipse-based tool that helps application developers optimize the performance of WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Portal applications in development and test environments.

    Application Performance Diagnostics Lite consists of two components:
    • The client provides an intuitive UI that helps you quickly isolate hot spots in the code down to the method level. The client can be run as an Eclipse RCP application, or added as an plug-in to an existing Eclipse environment.
    • The data collector runs within the monitored JVM and collects application response times and CPU times. The data collector can either send performance data to the client in real-time, or it can save the data to a file for later analysis by the client