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Pinned topic After upgrade Windows Plaform Agent to version 6.3.2 - PARTIAL ACCESS

‏2013-04-05T13:39:33Z |
Hello, after upgrading Windows Plaform Agent from version 6.3 to version 6.3.2 - machines goes to PARTIAL ACCESS
Lost access to CIM.

I made some test and discovered that it's not working for DOMAIN account.
For local account everyhing is ok.

Also I tried revoke access, remove machine, remove plaform agent.
Perform new discovery - Access DCOM - OK, then installed version 6.3.2 - Again goes to PARTIAL ACCESS, CIM no access.
With the version 6.3 everything was ok.
Do you know why CIM is not autheticating domain accounts?
I have many machines in SysDIR- and behavior is the same.

Could you please give me some clue.
Thanks in advance