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Pinned topic "Dropping component" warning message

‏2013-04-05T13:07:59Z |

I'm getting the "Dropping component <...> because of a prior component with the same name" warning message, which I've searched for and found many references in this forum and others, but none seem to match my situation. First of all, I'm not getting the warning on a Join or Lookup stage, but on a Transformer stage with only one input. I thought maybe it was being combined with the previous stage (which is a Join), so I ran the job with $APT_DISABLE_COMBINATION set to true, but I'm still getting the warning on the Transformer stage. I also checked that RCP was turned off, which it is. Then I ran the job with $OSH_PRINT_SCHEMAS set to true and looked at the schemas in the job log, but didn't see any duplicate names in any of the schemas, including the two inputs to the preceding Join stage. Any suggestions?

Running under DS EE v8.7.0.1 on AIX.