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Pinned topic Orchestration not inserting all rows into Oracle database table.

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I am fairly new to cast iron but have built a prototype orchestration which takes data from our Salesforce org and inserts into an Oracle database table.
The number of records in Salesforce is around 90,000 but the orchestration manages around 45,000 and then stops.

In the web management console it is stating the orchestration has successfully completed without any errors but there is something wrong because the orchestration is only managing half the number of records.

Just wondering if anyone has ever come across these types of problems before with Cast Iron?

Many Thanks

  • michaelkdown
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    Re: Orchestration not inserting all rows into Oracle database table.


    What might help to understand if ALL 90,000 records are coming out of SFDC is to place a count function on recurring node in the response from SFDC, then turing each loop keep adding to this variable (counting all records queried from SFDC). Then at the end of the orchestration log that number somewhere, FTP (txt file), insert into a Oracle Control table, do as you wish.

    This will tell you the EXACT number of records extracted from SFDC, then you can say with confidence if records are missed. This is only the first step.

    If you are still seeing records missing and the count function is saying 90,000 records were extracted you will need to store all SFDC ids in a flat file or another control table (Cast Irons internal DB for example) Then you can compare exactly WHICH records are missing, and re-run the job to pull only the missing records, and see what happens. That way you only have to wait for a few records to try and insert to see the potential errors not wait for 90,000 to be extracted.


    Hope this helps!