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I have an optimization problem with binary variables only and the objective function has a sum that evolves index i and i+1.
All my optimization options are set to automatically, thus I would like to know how can I see what process CPLEX is using to find my solutions, this is, branch and bound? with which possible heuristics or metaheuristics. Is there a way to get a report on this?
I have a complex function and the optimization process never stops so I simply restrict the time the solver works. To identify the potential of my solution (after 400 seconds run) I need to understand the process CPLEX uses.

Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Understanding the solver process


    if you are using the IDE, you should have a look at the engine log tab.

    You can read some info in the documentation at

    IDE and OPL > CPLEX Studio IDE > IDE Tutorials > Understanding solving statistics and progress (MP models)