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Pinned topic MQRFH2 class differences between Win/Linux and z/OS

‏2013-04-05T08:47:46Z |
after several hours of analysis I still do not get the MQRFH2 class to run on z/OS in such a way, that the header created
is according to what MQ requires.
I had a private class that created the MQRFH2 directly and that one still works - but I now have to switch to the MQ supplied
class MQRFH2() and that one always causes a rc 2142 when I put messages onto a queue in zOS.
Since then I figured out, that the strings/chars written to the RFH2 differ between my old and the MQRFH2 version. The
MQRFH2 has the strings stored in UTF8, whereas my version had them in EBCDIC...

But where in this the conversion done-or what should I set in order to get a running RFH2 for zOS. Has anyone done
this before and can share an example?

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    Re: MQRFH2 class differences between Win/Linux and z/OS

    solved my problem ... looks like I had been checking the wrong class... the problem was
    the MQMessage had characterSet=0 which, in Win/Linux did not cause a problem, but in z/OS
    ended in a 2421 error - which lead me to think about the RFH2 class.. grrr

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    Re: MQRFH2 class differences between Win/Linux and z/OS


    Don't waste your time with RFH2. Since V7, and you should be at V7, check out how to use message properties...