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Pinned topic ITIM: Password Synch for AD Plug-in Queries

‏2013-04-05T03:32:12Z |

I'm currently involved in some planning activities for the installation and configuration of the Password Synch for AD plug-in.

I have a couple of questions regarding the AD adapter and PW-Synch modules.

Our AD adapters are installed on 32-bit servers, whereas our domain controllers are all 64-bit servers. Will a 64-bit PWS plug-in work with a 32-bit AD adapter? If so, do I need to take into account build/version numbers between the two components or can we just install the latest version of the 64-bit PWS plug-in?

The PWS plug-in configuration diagrams depict the plug-in communicating only with the AD adapter registry (forward or reverse password change), so I'm thinking that we should be OK, but it would be nice to get confirmation on the viability of this setup.

John D.
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    Re: ITIM: Password Synch for AD Plug-in Queries

    You will not get the definitive answer here - you must open an PMR to get it confirmed. Normally such questions are answered very quickly.

    AFAIK I agree with you assessment. The communication is over HTTPS - so there should be no problems there.

    But I would recommend to migrate to the latest adapter level anyhow as there are many problems fixed that may hit otherwise later - it is better to migrate controlled than have to do under time pressure...

    In general my recommendation is to start to migrate to 64bit infrastructure asap - especially WAS will run much better there due to the increased heap size possible.


    Franz Wolfhagen
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    Re: ITIM: Password Synch for AD Plug-in Queries

    The "modern" versions of ISIM Server and AD PW Sync do not have any relation to the AD Adapter. No need to upgrade the adapter or install any particular version. And, the installer for AD PW Sync will detect the bitness of the DC and install the 32/64 version as appropriate.

    The historical connection between the PW Sync and the Adapter was to control recursion, but this recursion control has moved to the ISIM Server (a much more efficient and functional location). Check the release notes in PW Sync for confirmation, but I think it's TIM 5.0 FP02 and TIM 5.1 (base) or ISIM 6.0 (base) that have the new switch to turn on the recursion control.

    Don't forget to turn on recursion control else Bad Things (TM) can happen!!

    Dr. Strangelove, PhIDM