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Pinned topic Adding calculated field to outbound xml format

‏2013-04-05T00:17:53Z |
Hi, is there a way to send/display an additional calculated field as a tag in the outbound xml format.

My requirement is like I need to send the issues(MATUSETRANS) record to an external system in the form of XML. And in that I need to add an additional yes or No tag which will be yes if the item current balance becomes zero because of this issue. how can I do it with help of user exit or processing rule?

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    Re: Adding calculated field to outbound xml format

    If you are using Mx 7.5 I think you should go to Publsih Channels where you are publishing the object. Use the processing rules and the Add/Modify conditions settings in the object. If you need to add more fields probably you will have to use a XLT/XLS file