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Pinned topic View look at main/0 after VOB migration

‏2013-04-04T22:02:02Z |
Hi All

I followed this link to move a VOB from CC v7 to v8:

I did:
1. Copy the .vbs to the new server.
2. fix_prot –root –r –chown vobadm –chgrp ccusers on VOBs.
4. Register and retag the VOBs.

I haven't done the SID mapping, just want to see what it will look like.

As you can see from attached image:
1. I can create a new file with no issue (left lower two windows).
2. The view is looking at the wrong version for the old directory.

I sychronized the projects and views, restart the machine, find no check-out,.., can't figure out why.

Any idea?

  • JirongHu
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    Re: View look at main/0 after VOB migration

    Sorry, I was looking at the wrong project. TestProject_Integration & TestCreation_Integration.