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I was wondering what is the fast way to do a full database backup with a database size that is currently 6+GB in size. Currently I am using xcopy and its taking 2+ hrs. Thank you.

I tried using vshadow.exe but can get the syntax correct.

//MS 2008 R2
if NOT "%CALLBACK_SCRIPT%"=="" goto :IS_CALLBACK                        
@REM Stop DOORS DB service.                                             
net stop "DOORS DB Server 9.3 00001"                                     
@REM Get the source and destination paths.                              
set SOURCE_VOLUME="E:\Sandbox\auto\data"                                
set DESTINATION_VOLUME="E:\Sandbox\BK\data"                             
set CALLBACK_SCRIPT=%~dpnx0                                             
set TEMP_GENERATED_SCRIPT=GeneratedVarsTempScript.cmd                   
@REM Remove any existing snapshots of your target; you only want a      
snapshot of the db as it is now.                                        
%~dp0\vshadow.exe -do=%SOURCE_VOLUME%                                   
@REM Create the snapshot.                                               
%~dp0\vshadow.exe -nw -p -script=%TEMP_GENERATED_SCRIPT%                
-exec=%CALLBACK_SCRIPT% %SOURCE_VOLUME%                                 
del /f %TEMP_GENERATED_SCRIPT%                                          
@goto :EOF                                                              
call %TEMP_GENERATED_SCRIPT%                                            
%~dp0\vshadow.exe -el=%SHADOW_ID_1%,%DESTINATION_VOLUME%                
@REM Restart DOORS DB server.                                           
net start "DOORS DB Server 9.3 00001"




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