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Pinned topic AIX - CUPS 'Unsupported document-format' error

‏2013-04-04T14:40:07Z |
I have a Zebra printer that I'm trying to send a PDF of a label to. I was reading on Zebra's website that CUPS is an optional print server/spooler that can be used for exactly what I need. So I went through the process of installing CUPS on my AIX 6.1 system by going here: and downloading the CUPS rpm and its dependencies. I'm able to get the server up and running and can add new printers just fine and set them up to use the built-in Zebra ZPL driver. My problem occurs when I try to send a test print job via the web interface or a PDF to the printer via command-line using 'lp -d <printer-name> <pdf-file>'. Whenever I try to send anything to the printer, I simply get back an 'unsupported document-format' exception.

For the web interface it's: 'unsupported format: "application/vnd.cups-banner"'

and for the pdf file it's: 'unsupported document-format: "application/pdf"'

I'm not sure what to do at this point. I've installed GhostScript and Foomatic's filters (foomatic-rip) but I'm not sure if they're tied in to CUPS at all. I found this here: which is source code for all the CUPS filters that Apple apparently removed when they took over this project but I'd rather get some more feedback first before attempting anything else.

Any thoughts?