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Pinned topic Automation Script Examples that use Array Notations?

‏2013-04-04T14:13:20Z |
Hi, everyone,

I am on SCCD 7.5.

I'm looking for automation script examples that use Array Notations. I need a starting point example that shows how to use conditional expressions within an Array Notation. In particular I would like something similar to the following:


So my initial thought is to create a conditional expression that will use the ID field from my parent record and do a simple equal to the ID field in my POLINE. BTW…my POLINE and PO are custom objects not the standard objects that come with SCCD.

Next I would write an automation script that would go through the array and add up the field.

Thanks you for this forum! It's a real help!

L. Johnson
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    Re: Automation Script Examples that use Array Notations?


    I'm trying to create a home page on IBM Developerworks of scripting examples. Bookmark this link:

    There is one example out there of using Array notations with criteria. The example is here:
    On this InfoCenter page, click the second link "Assigning the service group to the service request ". In the new page that opens up click the first link: "Creating the action launch point and script".

    You'll see I have used array notation to control which TICKETSPECATTRIBUTES I need to retrieve when examining a Service Request record.