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‏2013-04-04T13:46:27Z |
Every now and then I need to make a big backup to an external hard disk.
USB 2.0 is way too slow, I thought why not buy a pci-express card with 2 eSATA connectors.

In my server is a riser card with 2 PCI-E 8x slots so I bought this one:

When I have this card in a 3650 M1 or M4, he will start normally until windows start, then I get a BODS and turns on the pci light on warning Panel.

Do i need to change a bios setting or do i need a other card ?
If i need an different card which one?
Any body experience ?

Thanks for your help
  • doddod
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    Re: Esata - Pci Express Card - 3650 M1 / M4


    Hey did you ever fix this? asI have the same issue with half length cards being unseated in a full length slot

    kind regards Matt

  • nachito
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    Re: Esata - Pci Express Card - 3650 M1 / M4


    maybe you want to check the following post:

    a PCIe USB 3 adapter is a better solution: unless SATA you can hot-plug the drive whenever you want without restarting the server.

    couple this with a Vantec CB-SATAU3-6 (SATA#3-to-USB#3) adapter and you're ready to go with any standard SATA drive.