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‏2013-04-04T12:33:09Z |
Hi Everyone.

Lets suppose i am having a package "pack" and in this package i can have multiple number of classes.
But i dont know the names of classes. Now at runtime i want to check if a particular attribute "attr1" is present in any class.
If it is present i have to create object of this class. In other case i have to ignore this class.

I have attached my project in which i have a package "Data" in which there are five classes having some attribute.
I want to run this and at runtime i want to check if "range " attribute is present in any class. And i want to store that data in any file.

I am using Rhapsody 7.6.
Could anyone please tell me possible ways to do so.?
Hoping to hear from you soon.

Thanks in Advance
Love Kumar
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    Re: Dynamic Creating Of Objects

    When I get questions like this, I always turn them around and ask how the person would do it if they are working with cutting the code by hand.

    In your case, I'm a little confused because I think you left out some information. A class has no data associated with it, only instantiations of that class do. Therefore, you know at design time if a class has an attribute.

    I'm going to make an assumption that you are trying to create a class factory that is reading configuration data from a file. If a certain attribute has a value within a certain range, then you will create an object. In other words, attr1 is always present, but sometimes it has a valid value, sometimes it doesn't.

    If my assumption is true, take a look at the class factory pattern (note, Rhapsody uses a class factory already, but I don't think I would use that for this job. Rather, create your own). All of your classes will need to be derived from a base class (e.g., ClassRoot) that has an operation CreateInstance()(these can be locally overridden). Create a class that reads the file. While reading the file, parse it for attr1. If it is present (or has a valid range), call the CreateInstance() method for the specific child class. (note: it would be more efficient if attr1 were NOT an attribute of the class because it is only used when creating the class)

    Hope this helps.