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Pinned topic Type 7043-150 does not boot

‏2013-04-04T10:24:31Z |

I have an older RS/6000 system and it is not booting. It just keeps rebooting. If I try to put in the 5.3 install media it just sits at Starting Software...Please wait

I searched other posts that say to go into maintenance mode from SMS menu and check if the filesystems are full and/or corrupted and to unmirror them if they're mirrored. My SMS menu does not have a Maintenance mode that I know of. I have Config, Multiboot, Utilities, and Exit. I did go in and see that there are two 5gb drives on it. I also tried to use a diagnostic cd but it wouldn't boot either. I was able to get to an OK prompt but it didn't seem to recognize any commands.

It has firmware TCP99006. I think the firmware should be updated to TCP05287 but I can no longer find it on the IBM site. Any help and or suggestions with this would be greatly appreciated.

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