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Pinned topic Create content with category component using REST api

‏2013-04-04T06:52:26Z |
I tried to create content item using authoring template which contain element with type "Option Selection".
This creation I need to do using REST API, but it looks that it is impossible to create element type "Option Selection" using REST services.

From WCM 8.0 documentation:
Chapter 8. Developing
The following element types can also be created, read, updated and deleted in site
areas and content items using the Web Content Manager REST service:
v Text
v Short text
v Rich text
v Number
v Date and Time
v Image
v File resource
but there are not Option Selection type in this list.

The questions are:
  • how to create content with specified category using REST API.
  • is there any better way to work with WCM (create content using authoring templates) from remote clients?

Please give me at least any ideas what direction I should think|investigate.
Thank you in advance.