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Pinned topic Syntax error: typedef

‏2013-04-03T20:33:35Z |
I have following issue regarding the typedef. We have following definition in one of our hearder file:
typedef enum
FALSE = 0,
False = 0,
TRUE = 1,
True = 1

However, the RTRT gave following error when I tried to include the header file contain this definition:
C:\PROGRA~1\Rational\TESTRE~1\bin\intel\win32\attolpreproC "C:\Users\huangz17\IARIntegration2\TEST_tdp_6.ptu" "cwiniarcortexm3jtag22\TTest.c" -studio_log="C:\Users\huangz17\IARIntegration2\intermediates_files418321305.log" -STD_DEFINE="C:\PROGRA~1\Rational\TESTRE~1\targets\CW4845~1\ana\atus_c.def" -RENAME=stubs_rename.opt -TSF="cwiniarcortexm3jtag22\Test.tsf" @cwiniarcortexm3jtag22/prepro.opt -family=nominal -service=add -define="__VER__=6050003","__LITTLE_ENDIAN__","__C99_BOOL__","CODE_MODEL_NORMAL","DATA_MODEL_LARGE","_DLIB_CONFIG_FILE=C:\PROGRA~1\IARSYS~1\EMBEDD~1.5\arm\INC\c\DLIB_C~2.H" -NOSIMULATION -FAST
TestRT-I-STARTEXEC, IBM(R) Rational(R) Test RealTime C Test Script Compiler
TestRT-I-COPYRIGHT, (C) Copyright IBM Corp. 1992-2009 All Rights Reserved. All rights reserved.
TestRT-W-SYNTAXERR, C:\Work\GEN3\cm2\App-GenIII\Project\..\CS/CS_types.h:57 Syntax error: typedef
Could you please give any advise on revising TDP so that we can pass this?

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    Re: Syntax error: typedef

    I have inserted you typedef enum into my add.PTU using the cpcgnu TDP and it works fine
    So I do not think the issue comes from this statement.
    could try to reproduce the issue without using the define
    I have not this file