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Pinned topic How to find out "base baseline" of a given baseline?

‏2013-04-03T20:20:50Z |
By that I mean: given a baseline A from stream S, how to find out foundation baseline of stream S at the moment when the baseline A was made?

There seems to be no direct way to accomplish this.

I was considering looking at last activity like "rebase.*", but there either seems to be to direct way to get the baseline the stream was rebased to by this activity...

Any help is appreciated
  • Dave-Robinson
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    Re: How to find out "base baseline" of a given baseline?


    You're right there is no really direct way.

     cleartool desc -fmt "%[predecessor]p" baseline_A

    shall give you the right answer if you do it to the first baseline made after a rebase, but the same command on baseline_B (the next baseline) will return "baseline_A"

    There is a "ucmutil" command that shall give you the information

     ucmutil  dump_timeline -stream stream_selector -comp component_selector

    gives a list of rebases of the stream, deliveries into the stream and baselines made in the stream, in chronological order. Hence

    cleartool lsbl -fmt "dump_timeline -stream %[bl_stream]Xp -comp %[component]Xp\n" baseline_A  | ucmutil

    will give you this list.

    You then locate baseline_A in the list and work backward to the next "rebase" entry.

     (ucmutil is in etc/utils)