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Pinned topic RAD 8, how to add libraries to the EAR root?

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Hi all. Currently I'm developing enterprise application, which consists of three modules in one EAR. So it is four projects: ejb-module, web-module, jar-library and ear-project. Each of them has own pom.xml file and in parent folder there is another parent pom. For building and packaging I use maven with EclipseIAM-plugin.

When I package artifact using "Maven 2" - "Package Artifact" all is working fine, all libraries, that are in parent pom are included in packaged EAR. But when I'm exporting EAR or deploying by RAD to application server, in packaged EAR it is only ejb-module, web-module and jar-library without parent pom's libraries.

I think there must be a way to package ear-file by RAD with all maven dependencies. Thank you in advance.
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    Re: RAD 8, how to add libraries to the EAR root?

    The Export and deploy functions in RAD are mainly driven by what you see in the Deployment assembly property page of your projects. In order to include Maven dependencies, the Maven integration tool would need to include, in the deployment assembly data, information about the dependencies

    What version of RAD are you using? Have you tried RAD 8.5.1?