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Hi. I am getting the same error as the one in the above link. But for me it's happening when i checkout the code from SVN, but for my friend system it is working fine. When he checkout the code from SVN, and if he runs the code, there is no error. But for me, the java.lang.IllegalArgumentException is throwing as in the above link. What could be the issue ? I have compared both of my code with his and SVN, there is no change. Could anyone please help ?
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    Re: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException:

    IllegalArgumentException is a very generic Java exception that could be thrown from many different places for many different reasons. The other thread was specific to calling a web service expecting an argument, but the argument wasn't getting passed correctly. Is your use case specific to calling a Document/Literal web service? If not, then it's likely different than that other thread.

    For generic Java exceptions you really need to look at and provide more info, such as the stack trace and any extra text msg that shows up in the log with that exception. Check the WEF logs under your deployed WAR's WEB-INF/logs folder for event.log and your WAS/Portal server's SystemOut.log, if using WAS/WP, for more error information.

    I hope that info helps,
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