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I am new to this product and I need to install/configure it quickly for business purposes. Is there anyone willing to share with me the basic steps to set up/transfer files from one node to another ?
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    Re: Connect Direct New Installation/Configuration

    The installation of C:D is pretty straight forward. Follow the wizard and that's all you need to do. Key things to remember:

    • Install it on all nodes that will take part in replication.
    • We run the C:D service as a Local System account. Defining an account to the service seems to have issues, at least with our setup.
    • Use the default database that comes with C:D. It does the trick just fine (unless you are required to use something else).
    • Ignore some of the optional stuff, like registering in Active Directory and SNMP. If later you need that, reinstall or reconfigure it. But for a quick installation and getting things copying, you can skip it for now.

    Configuring things is a bit trickier, though it's not hard and the documentation .PDFs do a good job explaining things in detail. I highly recommend reading them several times over, as there are some gotchas that may impact your environment, depending on how complex your architecture is.

    Again, some things to do for setup:

    • The Windows account you used to install is going to be the same account you log into C:D with for the first time. You don't need to specify domain.
    • Setting up accounts in C:D requires that the user or the group is defined as a user or group that has access to that server. Using Active Directory groups is easier, in my opinion.
    • Configure your network map to include the primary and secondary nodes

    From here you just need to create your COPY process. Again, the documentation is pretty concise how to do this. Of course, the more complicated you need your process to be, the more you will need to search the forums or the internet for examples fitting what you need.

    A basic copy from location A to location B is simple. Make sure you specify the primary and secondary node correctly, and that you define the exact, full path location of the source and destination file.

    What all are you trying to accomplish? Might help to specify so there's more to go on with what you need help with.