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Pinned topic use mini-SAS external port with x3650M2 server

‏2013-04-02T20:58:49Z |
I really need your assistance to solve this issue
I have à x3650M2 server and yesterday l tried to install a SAS tape drive on it.
My server have one external mini-sas (sff 8088 ) port, that l never used before.
The tape drive work fine (l tested it on another server) , but after install required drivers and turned it on , the new device was not detected.
In my device manager i can't see the SAS port.
Please how can l know the state of this port and enable it for connecting devices like my tape drive? My IBM X3650M2 work with Windows server 2008 enterprise and disks are configured for RAid 5.
I need to re-install my Os? Or make some changes with serverguid ?
For me, the server would detect automatically each new device connect to the external sas port.
Finally how can the SAS connection could be managed with IBM servers.
I bought this tape drive for my backup and will appreciate if you can help me to make it working fine.