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Pinned topic root / fs fails fsck

‏2013-04-02T15:06:44Z |
My AIX started failing after a reboot with panel code 0518. After booting into recovery mode, fsck of /dev/hd2 fails as follows:

  1. fsck /dev/hd2

The current volume is: /dev/hd2
Primary superblock is valid.
J2_LOGREDO:log redo processing for /dev/hd2
Primary superblock is valid.
  • Phase 1 - Initial inode scan
Fatal: I/O error

Any way to recover from this situation? I can mount the file system from here with mount /dev/hd2 /mnt and I can see its contents but an OS reboot fails with mentioned error 0518.
  • GarlandJoseph
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    Re: root / fs fails fsck


    insure you do a fsck -y /dev/hd2, fyi: your abstract says "root / fsck fails"... /dev/hd2 is the /usr file sytem (/dev/hd4 is the root filesystem)...again, make sure you specify the -y option to fix the file system, then see if you get the same erro

  • biblio93
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    Re: root / fs fails fsck


    You must boot from external method

    from NIM in maintenance mode

    from CD/DVD with SMSmode

    from tape withbSMS mode

    And you can execute fsck on / , /usr

    You can't fsck with / monted