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‏2013-04-02T09:18:08Z |

Germany change to daylight saving time at the last week end by moving the time one hour forward from 2 to 3 o'clock on Saturday.

With this change the schedules in our Inphosphere Warehosue environmant changed from 4:20 to 5:20, which is pushing my ETL jobs too far into the morning.

Is there a global settign by which this can be changed and the schedules unse the time setting of the server, or do I have to change each schedule individually?

The server by the way is Windows 2003 and the Infosphere Version is 9.7.2.

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    Re: Daylight Saving Time

    This is a known issue in ISW 9.7.2, and there is no fix package for it. To resolve the problem, the only way is to upgrade to 9.7.3 or later version.