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Pinned topic "BadImageFormatException" when trying to call cplex from .net web app

‏2013-04-02T09:02:51Z |
I’m currently trying to use Cplex with C# in a .net web application, but I have problem when trying to lunch the application, apparently, cplex dlls are compiled in 32bits and my application is running on 64bits, I tried to force the application to run on x86 and I also enable 32bit applications in IIS, but the problem still appear every time.

This is the exception:
"System.BadImageFormatException: tentative de chargement d’un programme de format incorrect (Exception de HRESULT: 0x8007000B)"

Is there any solution for my problem??
I will appreciate your help, thank you.
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    Re: "BadImageFormatException" when trying to call cplex from .net web app


    which version are you using?
    Maybe you are using a 32 bits CPLEX version and you need a 64 bits.