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Pinned topic Multiple LPARS using same RDB name

‏2013-04-01T17:54:03Z |
I'm on a system with several LPARS. Each LPAR calls its own database XYZ. In the RDB directory, each LPAR refers to the the databases on the other LPARS by their LPAR name, but refers to itself as XYZ. This means that no matter where SQL runs, CURRENT_SERVER is always XYZ. This is annoying when one is trying to determine which environment something is running in.

Can anyone think of any drawbacks to changing this. We have no applications that check CURRENT_SERVER presently, and it would be pointless if they did.

And assuming we do want to change this, how do we do it?
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    Re: Multiple LPARS using same RDB name

    Shouldn't be any issues in changing it - assuming you don't have active host server jobs (eg, ODBC & JDBC requests) that are connected to that database.

    WRKRDBDIRE command would allow you to change the name of the *LOCAL entry.