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Pinned topic RDZ 7.6 COBOL debugging doesn't stop where I want it to

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I am debugging online CICS COBOL program with RDZ 7.6 and when I have only one breakpoint later on in the logic of the program then it doesn't stop but if I put several breakpoints then it stops. For example say that I have 10 routines in the program. Initially it stops at routine 1, then if I put a break point in routine 8 then press PF8 (go) it doesn't stop unless if I through each routine untill I reach routine 8. Can come some help please?
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    Re: RDZ 7.6 COBOL debugging doesn't stop where I want it to

    Hi Mike,
    This sounds like a bug and the best way to handle this would be opening a Debug Tool PMR. However, a few questions in the meantime since it could be related to what you have specified in the DTCN panel and how the COBOL application is put together.

    The breakpoint in routine 8 is the same one compared to the one while you step through all routines? I don't know if these are CICS EXEC LINKs or invoked differently and hard to suggest a solution without knowing the details.

    RDz's breakpoints view has a feature 'Stop At All Function Entries' and would it help if you enable it and see whether you stop at the desired entry points? Even before routine 8 is executed you could try one of the SET QUALIFY command to browse the source, put a breakpoint and see if that makes a difference. Once the RDz session starts, does the Modules view show routine 8, so that you can double the routine 8 source and set breakpoints? Once you stop in a program and if the application logic hits the statement where you have a breakpoint, I'd expect Debug Tool to stop. Again, if that doesn't happen it appears to be a bug and hence the need for more diagnostics to fix the issue.

    I hope that helps.