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Pinned topic WSMQ FTE - Can't make Database JEE Database logger to work

‏2013-04-01T07:57:26Z |
Hi, guys!
My software config is:
OS: Win 2008 R2, SOFT: WebSphere MQ + FTE
OS: Win 2008 R2, SOFT: Oracle 11g
OS: CentOS 6.3 x64, SOFT: WebSphere Application Server CE
No Active Directory or LDAP used.

What I'm trying to do - is to configure FTE Database JEE Logger.
According to this manual:
With that manual I couldn't even deploy logger components properly, so I had to examine server logs in order to find out, what else do they need.
So, I begun to configure all this stuff.

In WAS CE I went to "Resorces/Repository" and deployed some required libs:
1.1) (transactional support for MQ client)
Group: mq
Version: 1.00
Type: jar
1.2) (Java classes for MQ)
Group: mq
Version: 1.00
Type: jar
1.3) ojdbc5.jar (Oracle JDBC Driver)
Group: jdbc
Artifact: oracle
Version: 5.00
Type: jar

Next, I've created "FTELOG" user in my Oracle Database and succesfully generated all required schema objects, wusing DDL scripts, bundled with FTE (<FTE_INSTALL_PATH>\tools\sql\ftelog_tables_oracle.sql).
So now I have to create Datasource in WAS CE for that database:

2) In WAS CE I went to "Resources/Datasources" and click "Using the WebSphere CE database pool wizard"
Database pool name: jdbc/wmqfte-database
Database Type: Oracle Thin
Driver JAR: jdbc/oracle/5.00/jar
DB User Name: FTELOG
DB Password: *****
Host: <my_oracle_IP>
SID: <my_sid>
Port: 1521

But when I specify "Transaction Type: XA" - WAS CE dosen't let me to save the datasource nor test it, only LOCAL is supported. So there's no other option:

Transaction Type: LOCAL
Datasource works fine, when I test it.

Next, I've created user "FTELOG" on Windows machine, where MQ + FTE resides, gave him all required permissions.

Now, it's time to deploy and configure MQ JMS Resource Adapter (file "wmq.jmsra.rar", bundled with WS MQ in "<WS_MQ_INSTALL_PATH>\java\lib\jca").
I went to "Applications/Deployer" and unchecked "Start application after installation", then:

3) Archive: "wmq.jmsra.rar"
Plan: DeployPlan.xml

and here's it's contents:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<connector xmlns="">

<dep:environment xmlns:dep="">

<!--There's nothing said about "moduleId" in manual,
and without it connector registers with name other than required by logger JEE application (
as well as about "" dependency-->



<!-- tracing is also not works, log says, that "System.out" is invalid "traceDestination" -->

<!--config-property-setting name="traceEnabled">true</config-property-setting>
<config-property-setting name="traceLevel">1</config-property-setting>
<config-property-setting name="traceDestination">System.out</config-property-setting-->
<config-property-setting name="queueManager">my_coordinator_qm</config-property-setting>
<config-property-setting name="transportType">CLIENT</config-property-setting>
<config-property-setting name="channel">SYSTEM.DEF.SVRCONN</config-property-setting>
<config-property-setting name="hostName">my_coordinator_qm_IP</config-property-setting>
<config-property-setting name="port">1414</config-property-setting>
<match-all />
<config-property-setting name="baseQueueManagerName">my_coordinator_qm</config-property-setting>
<config-property-setting name="baseQueueName">SYSTEM.FTE.DATABASELOGGER.REJECT</config-property-setting>

Deployment was successfull, now it's time to launch deployed connector:
Go to "Applications/User Assets/Installed Java EE Connectors" and here's my "default/wmq.jmsra.rar/1364553837024/rar", which is not running.
When I try to start it says "Error Lifecycle operation failed". In "server.log" of WAS CE I got:

Configuration default/wmq.jmsra.rar/1364553837024/rar failed to start due to the following reasons:
The service J2EEApplication=null,JCAConnectionFactory=jms/WMQFTEJEEDBLoggerRejectQueueCF,JCAManagedConnectionFactory=jms/WMQFTEJEEDBLoggerRejectQueueCF,JCAResource=wmq.jmsra,ResourceAdapter=wmq.jmsra,ResourceAdapterModule=default/wmq.jmsra.rar/1364553837024/rar,j2eeType=JCAConnectionManager,name=jms/WMQFTEJEEDBLoggerRejectQueueCF did not start because No XAResource supplied. XA support may not be configured properly
java.lang.NullPointerException: No XAResource supplied. XA support may not be configured properly

So it requires XA, but I'm not able to configure XA Datasource for my Oracle database - as I've said before, WAS CE dosen't let me to save datasource with "Transaction Type: XA" specified.
Got no clue what to do next, can anybody help?