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Pinned topic File access not working from egl service

‏2013-03-31T07:03:08Z |
HI i am writing a simple file access service and trying to call it from RUI handler , I am getting the below error when test the program in the browser,

:EGL0751E The runtime property vgj.ra.fileName.fileType cannot be found for the infile file. EGL0002I The error occurred in dedicate processing the read_file function

I have done the file declarations in the service also other settings as below,

record inrec type SerialRecord {fileName = "infile"}

3 id char(10);
3 name char(10);
3 address char(10);


added the RASS part in build descriptor like system name etc

Associated the rass part in the build descriptor but still it gives the above error.

Any suggestions