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‏2013-03-29T21:46:40Z |

I am developing a job.
sequential file is my source stage and teradata table is destination.
in source file two columns (D_TIME,SNO) are there. In table as well.
i want to update data in the table when the SNO Matches with using sql staement only.(Not by using Transformer or any other stage)
(update T_NAME set D_TIME=sequential_file_1.d_time where sno=1)
i am trying this query but it is not working..
can anyone please suggest the exact statement.
i am new to datastage.
thanks in advance
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    Re: datastage teradata connector stage

    If you are loading from sequential file to direct table then better you go for update table action. no need to write explicit query. I am considering that in seq file you have records those already exist...if thats not a case then better go for update then insert option.

    hope this will help!