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Pinned topic JAX-WS support in the recent WDT/WLP betas

‏2013-03-29T21:04:03Z |

In WDT, why is the jaxws-2.2 feature described as "Support for JAX-WS Transport Level and Endpoints Security" not "Java API for XML Web Services"? It's a bit misleading the first time I saw it.

In WDT, what should I do to have a POJO class with @WebService in a dynamic web project and upon deploying it, be asked to add the jaxws-2.2 feature if it's not already in the server.xml? It works for jaxrs, but couldn't get it worked for jaxws. I had to add the feature explicitly to deploy the service properly.

In WLP, how to set up the logging so the web service url is printed out to the console? It'd be very handy to have it in the console and just click it to invoke the "Hello! This is a CXF Web Service!" page and/or WSDL.

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