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‏2013-03-29T15:39:38Z |
We have the following issue with debugging a CICS program in RDz.
We are using RDz and Debugtool 10.1.

An user has a program, compiled with debug options, and an other program, a common sub program, that is not compiled for debug.
When running the program without debug, the program works fine.
When running the program with debug in RDz the program abends in the sub program (System Completion Code=0C1).
When we debug the old fashioned way with dtcn in the CICS, the program works fine (it looks that the combination of RDz and debugtool is the problem).
Then we wrote a driver to be able to call the sub program ourselves for test purposes. To our surprise debugging with RDz, with the same input data works fine for the same sub program that abended for the user.
But for the user the program keeps abending, what are we doing wrong? Any suggestions?
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    Re: CICS Debugging problem

    Do you happen to know if Debug Tool is abending in the program compiled with debug or in the sub program (compiled with no debug)? I'd suggest opening a Debug Tool PMR and provide additional diagnostics, such as the MVS dump and any SDSF log messages that show EQA**** messages. The EQA is Debug Tool specific and would provide a starting point of investigation as to what is going wrong with RDz and Debug Tool combination.

    Once the debug session starts up, you could try pressing the Disconnect icon in the Debug View toolbar and it should function just as Quit Debug (not Quit which is the Terminate icon). If that works then it would also confirm that the application works just fine once Debug Tool is disengaged upon starting up a debug session. Is the abend happening at a particular stepping action or while running the sub program. Since we'd need additional details, I thought a PMR would be handy in getting all details gathered and thereby analyzed.

    I hope this helps.