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Pinned topic Custom Date Formats in French Locale

‏2013-03-29T15:31:40Z |
I created a Content Alalytics collection with a windows file crawler containing XML documents. Each document has a date like this:
<DATE>Mon 28 May, 2012 9:12</DATE> for documents in English or

<DATE>Lun 28 Mai, 2012 9:12</DATE> for documents in French
I created two custom date formats based on SimpleDateFormat where I have selected one with English Locale and the other with French locale :

EEE dd MMM, yyyy HH:mm
I've mapped my XML DATE to a "post_date" field index because I want to use this like a date facet in the content analytics miner.

But my problem is when I click on the time series and chose this facet, I can see only the documents with an english date format as well as documents in french where I have changed manualy their date to have acronym of the day and month in English.

But I can't see documents where the date is still in french format.
Any ideas what I'm missing or how to fix it?
Thanks a lot.