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Pinned topic How to access IMM2 virtual media behind firewall

‏2013-03-29T00:08:49Z |
I am in the process of trying to build a few x3650 M4 servers in a firewalled/DMZ environment. I have read through the redbook that lists all of the ports that the IMM2 uses and have tunneled those ports using PuTTY through a bastion host. I can get to the http/https interface and the remote console with no problem since 80/443/3900 are all tunneled. When I try to mount virtual media I get an error though. Seems like some other port needs to be tunneled, but there is no specific port in the documentation listed for Virtual Media or Remote Disk (like there is for Bladecenters).

I swear that I had this working once before for connecting to an older System X box (x3550 m2 or m3), but I lost my PuTTY config when my laptop was reimaged. I thought that all I did was tunnel the ports listed in the doc though.

If you are wondering, I have tunneled all the ports listed in this doc:

I also tunneled a few ports that were listed on my IMM2 as being open. Not sure if they matter since they didn't do anything. I can look them up if someone is interested though.

If anyone has any ideas I'd be most grateful.