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Pinned topic Where is ReportDataServiceLocator object comes from.

‏2013-03-28T23:37:54Z |
One of the things that I am trying to do is to use CMS SOAP feature to get hold of ReportDataServicePort via ReportDataServiceLocator. The Developer Guide (IBM Cognos Mashup Service) clearly mentions about it on the "Creating a report service instance" section. But I could not find a jar that has
ReportDataServiceLocator class.

I looked at all the jars within c10/sdk/java/lib , c10/webapps/samples/WEB-INF/lib and c10/sdk-compact/java/lib; but could not find.

Samples on c10/sdk/cms_samples uses this class from c10/sdk/cms_samples/java/common_class directly. But I am not sure if this is supposed to be used as is without jar. It looks little strange not to find this in jar Or am I missing something here. Please advise.
Thank you