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Pinned topic DB2 security simply blocking me

‏2013-03-28T17:45:21Z |

I've installed DB2 Express C and have numerous security related issues:

  • The admins and users group is not created during the install even though I select OS security.

  • It seems my user created with the install does not have SECADM authority and part of the script I am trying to use from a project includes granting privileges on a database to a different user (also defined to the OS). I simply get an error as follows:

SQL0552N "DB2ADMIN" does not have the privilege to perform operation "GRANT". SQLSTATE=42502

  • I've tried to use Data Studio 3.1.1 Administration to update user privileges after connecting to a DB but then I do not get any expected screens, etc when I try to use the GUI to manage user privileges and I have no idea why.

Amazingly I have not been able to find much, if any, help on these topics by searching the web.

I'll admit I am not sure why this has to be so hard and complicated.
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    Re: DB2 security simply blocking me

    What version of DB2 are you using?

    I'm assuming the OS is Windows. It is possible your database was created by "LocalSystem" (SYSTEM) and that user has DBADM+DATAACCESS+SECADM+ACCESSCTRL, not DB2ADMIN. To find out who has SECADM query the catalog view "syscat.dbauth": db2 select * from syscat.dbauth.