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Pinned topic URGENT: Domain name change | Views getting effected.

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Hello Friends,

We are about to migrate from one domain to another domain in Windows. I know that this definitely effects Clearcase user's Snapshot views. I dont have any solution and the users are in trouble.
Here is the scenario - Suppose IT admins change the domain from ABC to PQR and we are working in a mode wherein the VOB is stored on Solaris environment and the project team is working on windows by mapping the views from windows shared drive. These views are Snapshot views. These views are created with SCM/VOB owner account. After domain migration, SCM person is able to checkout/checkin the files but project team members are not. I checked so many IBM technotes. But I failed to get the solution.

If we create new views, they are working fine but what all needs to be done to get the old views working. One of my friend asked me to execute fix_prot command. But it didn't worked. IT admins doing this migration activity daily per some users wise. Our Team is in trouble, could any one of you help me in this regard? Your help is most appreciated and helpful to us. Thanks a lot!

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    Re: URGENT: Domain name change | Views getting effected.

    fix_prot is not enough. There are another steps you should consider. Have you read this?

    Tamir Gefen, GoMidjets
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    Re: URGENT: Domain name change | Views getting effected.

    Can you be more precise about:
    1) What you ran fix_prot against?
    2) The command line used for fix_prot?
    3) The errors you are receiving....

    As a note, if new views work, then the "official" answer will probably be "replace the views" since views are considered disposable objects... (it depends on the exact nature of the failure.)

    When you create a new view, the view gets the full group list for the creating user from the client creating the view. When you use fix_prot with the -root option, the additional groups are completely wiped. So, any access that depended on the additional groups will stop working. Additionally, there is NO equivalent of "cleartool protectvob -add_group" for views. So, that view could become unusable.

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