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Pinned topic Data Studio - View a diagram of database objects?

‏2013-03-28T14:38:23Z |
I downloaded Data Studio (IBM® Data Studio Version, administration client)and created a some tables but I am trying to bring the diagrams up and it does not come up.

When I looked at the help in Eclipse, it does provides information as:

You can use a diagram to visualize the objects and the relationships between the objects in a physical data model or a connected database.

You can also use the Data palette diagrams to edit data models.

Before you begin: Complete one of the following tasks:
Create a physical data model in a data design project.
Create a connection to a database.
To create a diagram of a physical data model:
Open a physical data model by double-clicking the data model in the Data Project Explorer.
Browse to the Diagrams folder under a schema in your physical data model.
Right-click the Diagrams folder and click New Overview Diagram..
In the window that opens, select the objects to include in the diagram.
Add elements to the diagram by using the palette, or click and drag objects from the Data Project Explorer onto the diagram.
If you create new objects in the diagram using the Data palette, your changes are also reflected in the underlying data model.

Save the diagram.
The diagram is saved in the Diagrams folder of the schema.
To create a diagram of a connected database:
Browse to an object in the Data Source Explorer at the level you want to create the diagram. You can create a diagram from a database, a schema, or a table.
Right-click the object and select Add to Overview Diagram.
In the window that opens, select the objects that you want to include in the diagram.
Add elements to the diagram by clicking and dragging objects from the Data Source Explorer onto the diagram.
Save the diagram as an image file or print it.

-HOWEVER, I don't even see the "Diagrams" folder that I am supposed to right-click to create the diagram.

-I can right click on the actual table and the option "Add to Overview Diagram" appears and allows me to click on it but nothing happens..

Any advise on this? I am new to Data Studio.