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Pinned topic nmon analyzer failure - MS VB run time error '1004'

‏2013-03-28T14:24:55Z |
runing windows 7 64bit, and ms excel 2010.

nmon analyzer runs a while and then we receive the error message further below from Microsoft Visual Basic when it is performing 'Analyzing: TOP'. Not really sure what to do next. This does not happen to all nmon files. Any help would be appreciated.
Run-Time error '1004:

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    Re: nmon analyzer failure - MS VB run time error '1004'

    Well I don't have Excel 2010 so this is tricky.

    I hear there is some compatibility mode that helps.
    Are you running the latest nmon Analyser version?

    Al I can offer is to run it on Excel 2003 and if that works, point you at Microsoft for making products that are not compatible with Microsoft.

    Have you a small nmon file the generates the problem for testing with that you can share?
    can you send it to nag at uk dot

    cheers, Nigel
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    Re: nmon analyzer failure - MS VB run time error '1004'


    if you have ponctual needs, try this online tool :


    For your MS nmon analyzer problem, it's maybe that TOP trace too many unique process