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‏2013-03-28T14:12:43Z |

When we try to send a request to back end application from web service proxy we are getting the error(0x01130011: Failed to process response headers) more frequently. Back end application is hosted on web sphere application server 7.

We tried the following below option to resolve the issue but it didn't solve the issue.
Option : setting the persistent connections feature 'Off',setting the HTTP version to server as 1.0

We can't perform packet trace as these applications are in PROD region. Please advise me to resolve this issue.
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  • HermannSW
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    Re: Failed to process response headers

    I looked up in firmware code where the error code is raised, and it confirmed what the message text stated.
    DataPower cannot process the response headers.

    The only solution to track down why is taking packet captures.
    If you are not allowed to take them, find somebody who is allowed.
    If having the packet capture you have to identify a failing transaction and see what is wrong with the returned response header.

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    Re: Failed to process response headers

    where did you turn off persistent? in the service or the FSPH?
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    Re: Failed to process response headers


    Thanks HermannSW.


    @msiebler... Yes I did it in service.