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Pinned topic Manage security using microsoft ssas cube in cognos

‏2013-03-28T12:07:59Z |
Hi All,
i have some question regarding the possibility to manage security when using external cube (microsoft SSAS cubes) in cognos:

1) i want use a SSAS cube as data source in framework:
is possible import in cognos the same security already defined in microsoft cube and then change it for use of cognos users? (for example, i define a group in cognos basing on some group present in ssas)

2) when using an external ssas cube in framework , is possible use framework security filter on it to filter data accessed by different user ? (for example, when user_A run a report see some record, when user_B run the same report see different record, accordingly with this filter)
I know it is possible for cognos cubes (when using trasformer) but don't know if it is possible even with external cube.