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‏2013-03-28T11:09:18Z |
I am running WMQ v7.0.1 on AIX. I wasn't aware that we were even using pub/sub. However we seem to have a lot of messages on the SYSTEM.RETAINED.PUB.QUEUE. The messages on this queue are taking up a lot more space than messages on any other queue.
I would like to perform some intellegent maintenance on this queue. Is there a utility that I can run to display what publications we are currently retaining, and perhaps some information about them, suh as when they are set to expire, when they were last accessed, etc. ? My goal would be to delete those that I probably no longer need to keep. I can see from the date/time stamp on some of the messages that some are over 1 year old. I am looking for both display and maintenance suggestions. Thanks.
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    Re: MQ Pub/Sub Administration

    I suggest reading up on how MQ manages the messages on this queue.
    Then manage the messages on this queue using the commands that manage topics and subscriptions. I wouldn't touch any of the messages directly.
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    Re: MQ Pub/Sub Administration


    Is there a utility that I can run to display what publications we are currently retaining

    You can use the DISPLAY TPSTATUS command and look at the RETAINED(YES|NO) field. Or to see all the topics that have retained messages on them, try this command:-


    There is no information about the retained message content though, e.g. expiry of the message, it's puttime or so on.

    To remove a retained message you can use the command:-

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